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inoTRACKER Features

Issue list

All recorded issues are clearly laid out. Every column allows for sorting in ascending/descending direction. The amount of issues displayed can be reduced by using several filters. Besides that inoTRACKER has a powerful search functionality using key words and additional criteria, which can be set in the search details. inoTRACKER issue list

Of course direct access using an issue number is also possible.

The issue list offers even more possibilities for adjustment. Possible adjustments are for example the number of issues per page, selection of the visible columns, or customizing the available filter set. Customize inoTRACKER issue list

Project management

The attributes of the projects whose issues are administrated by inoTRACKER, can also be customized using the inoTRACKER web interface. Possible customizations are for example the definition of individual project modules (for example: UI, database, ..), project milestones, or naming of the different project versions.

inoTRACKER project features inoTRACKER Project milestones inoTRACKER project builds

Creating an issue

When creating a new issue all relevant parameters can be set. An issue has a title and a short description, explaining the issue and facilitating the reproduction of the issue. For further clarification files (screenshots, test files) can be attached to the issue (which means files will be uploaded to the server). Create an inoTRACKER issue

In addition an issue can be further categorized (selecting a specific module or version) and prioritized (setting the priority for elimination/processing).

User settings

Users can administrate their personal settings directly in inoTRACKER. These include the name and the e-Mail address. A personal setting also allows for e-mail notification when issues are changed that personally affect the user.
In the case of a forgotten user password, inoTRACKER will automatically send a temporary password to the stored e-Mail address. That password has to be changed during the next login.

inoTRACKER User Account inoTRACKER Login