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IFC Utility 2x for ADT

Intelligent data exchange using IFC

Data exchange between different systems (i.e. data exchange between the architect and the HVAC planner) often causes high costs. Either important information is lost (walls, doors, windows are not specific objects anymore, but just simple lines or areas), or building parts have to be completely redrawn in the target system.
The IFC product data model defines an interface, that helps to handle these problems in a more intelligent way. The actual version of this interface is IFC 2.x. In May 2003 10 products were certified for IFC 2.x, one of it is the IFC-Utility 2x for ADT (see also http://www.buildingsmart.com for more information).

IFC-Utility 2x for ADT can be used to import and export IFC 2x data with Autodesk Architectural Desktop.

IFC interface for ADT

IFC-Utility 2x for ADT is the IFC interface (IFC 2x/2×2) for the Autodesk® Architectural Desktop. IFC-Utility 2x for ADT runs as an ARX application together with Autodesk® ADT 2005 or ADT 2006.
Download IFC-Utility 2x for ADT

“Why buildingSMART?”

The key issue in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) sector is the lack of interoperability – the ability to share information, from the inception of a project, when a client starts defining a brief, to when the users occupy the new facility and expect data about the building for asset or facility management.

The International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) has developed an internationally adopted open standard for the sharing of building information, that supports the many participants in the process, over the complete life cycle.
The need for change is urgent.
The construction industry has a record of inadequate quality – in terms of product, processes or value for money. With the lowest rate of IT technology takeup and a large number of small businesses, the result is an industry without clear direction and a consequent lack of innovation that other comparable sectors such as manufacturing take for granted.
Society is witnessing new pressures on the built environment – planning and infrastructure, energy consumption, sustainability, capital – that is placing new challenges on a system that is already stressed using 2D drawings and dumb documents for its medium of exchange.
The solution is the open, global ISO standard IFC – Information for Construction protocol. The IAI has developed a comprehensive Building Information Model (BIM) based on this standard, that also integrates geographic information system (GIS) data.
Using BIM facilitates vastly improved information flow on construction industry projects, that will enable better product quality and value for money investment.
Intelligent building models for example can test thermal performance, automatically determine authority code compliance or be used directly for automated assembly manufacturing.
The IAI is the custodian of the Model and offers support to all participants in the project life cycle.
It is no longer valid to claim a lack of data interoperability as an excuse for poor information flow in the AEC/FM industries.
The challenge is for you and your business to respond.

What is the meaning of Interoperability ?

Crossing system borders by using the intelligent data exchange format IFC.

  • Competitive advantages by flexible canvassing and flexible project management. The prescribed delivery file format does not play a part for the canvassing.
  • More effective working by interoperable planning. Use the most effective tool for each planning step.

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