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Quality assurance

In development and management of each kind of projects, quality assurance as well as communication of change requests and bugs plays a key role regarding total project costs.
The shortening of the runtime regarding bugs and issues allows to finish the designated product in the designated quality with less test cycles. The usage of tools, that simplify the required communication and documentation, is indispensable.
The quality of these tools and their flexibility to adjust the usage to individual processes and users, will lead to a further reduction in communication effort. The communication that needs to be simplyfied, mainly is the communication between the customer, the testing team and the development team. Those persons/departments are often situated at different places (also international) and belong to different companies with different areas of responsibility. But all together have the common goal to advance the quality of the product.

Our development partner GEM Team Solutions faced that problem some years ago and developed their own system for issue-tracking with their customers. GEM’s customers are distributed over many countries, they have partly external staff for testing, consist of architects, software development companies, engineers, etc.

The system was continously developed over the years and is now offered as a complete product named inoTRACKER. Inopso GmbH distributes that product and also offers individual customization for inoTRACKER regarding customer’s needs.

What inoTRACKER has to offer

inoTRACKER is a database-driven application to trace issues (change requests, bugs, …) within one or several projects. MS-SQL serves as a database that inoTRACKER has access to over the internet.

Follow this link to get an overview about the inoTRACKER features: inoTRACKER features…
Test the inoTRACKER features live: inoTRACKER DEMO…
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